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Cooperation between EU and Arab League crucial in Middle East

Cooperation between the EU and the Arab League is crucial to resolving problems in the Middle East, especially in Syria, foreign minister Frans Timmermans has said at a meeting of the Arab League and the EU in Cairo. Syria was the main topic of discussion.

Mr Timmermans noted the positive role played by the Arab League during the revolution in Libya in 2011. The League is now an important player in efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria.

The Minister said, ‘Joint pressure on the Syrian regime can be stepped up, for instance by strictly enforcing and extending sanctions. Moreover, crimes committed by the regime and by rebels must be documented; suspects must be brought before the International Criminal Court.’

The meeting welcomed the recent founding of the Syrian National Coalition opposition movement (SNC) in Doha and called on the SNC to work with all the other opposition factions in Syria, so as to ensure it rep