Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

The Netherlands condemns North Korea’s third nuclear test

‘An irresponsible provocation’ was how foreign minister Frans Timmermans described North Korea’s third underground nuclear test, which was carried out today. He went on to say that it ‘undermined stability and security in the region’. The Minister expressed the belief that the regime in Pyongyang was isolating itself even further with this test, adding that it was characteristic of this regime that it was spending so much money on its nuclear programme while the North Korean people were going hungry.

The Netherlands believes that the UN Security Council should make a clear pronouncement about this nuclear test. Mr Timmermans will also ask the EU to strongly condemn it. ‘It’s more important than ever that North Korea meets its international obligations and sits round the table with the other countries in the six-party talks’, the minister said.