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Timmermans calls for more openness regarding Papua

Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans has called for the international media and civil society organisations to be given access to the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua. Mr Timmermans raised this issue during talks with Bambang Darmono, head of a special unit of the Indonesian government dedicated to accelerating the social and economic development of the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

The Minister said: ‘A lack of transparency gives rise to misunderstandings and prejudices. More openness is also in the interest of Indonesia.’

Mr Darmono is on a two-day visit to the Netherlands to explain Indonesia’s policy on the provinces. Mr Timmermans spoke with him about the experience gained since the unit was founded by Indonesia’s president in October 2011.

During his visit to Jakarta on 20 and 21 February, Mr Timmermans announced that the Netherlands would support a community policing programme in Papua and West Papua, aimed at improving relations between police and the population, with a focus on human rights and cultural differences.


Mr Darmono meets the Netherlands Foreign Minister Timmermans