Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

17 Dec 10

Women, Peace and Security: Statement by Ambassador Herman Schaper

Excellencies, distinguished participants, ladies & gentlemen,

The Netherlands aligns itself with the statement which will be made by the EU delegation later in the debate.


The Netherlands wishes to congratulate the Secretary General on his excellent report, and its recommendations. You accurately state that sexual violence is not a side effect but a front-line concern. Contemporary conflicts, which are characterized by an increased civilian-combatant interface, increasingly require peacekeeping operations, and the international community, to stand up against these horrific acts of human rights violations.

(US Resolution)

We also full-heartedly co-sponsor resolution 1960 as introduced by the United States as current President of the Security Council. We agree with the emphasis on applying the listing and de-listing criteria for parties to armed conflict. The resolution provides concrete measures to define, implement and monitor specific and time-bound commitments. Indispensable commitments.

(Dutch commitments)

The Netherlands is committed to strengthening protection against and prevention of conflict-related sexual violence. We provide financial support to the scenario-based training on sexual violence for UN peacekeepers, which is referred to both in the SGs report (article 44) and in the new resolution. We believe that operational readiness with regard to sexual violence can increase effectiveness in the overall protection of civilians.

Additionally, the Netherlands supports a training initiative on protection of human rights and prevention of sexual violence, with the Congolese national army FARDC. This innovative project makes use of footage of the award-winning documentary “Weapon of War” about the perpetrators of sexual violence.

In the context of the 10th anniversary of UN SCR 1325, and of the third year of the Dutch National Action Plan, the Dutch ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence have jointly produced the publication “The Dutch Do’s on Women, Peace & Security – Diplomacy, Defence and Development in Partnership”. It describes the implementation of the Dutch integrated approach towards women, peace & security at country level, by supporting political participation of women in Afghanistan, by integrating gender training with Security Sector Development in Burundi, and by integrating sexual violence issues in the Dutch support to the Congolese security sector.

And finally, we are pleased to announce bilateral collaboration between the Netherlands and Spain, in the development of more civilian and military gender capacity, so as to increase operational readiness. We have a responsibility to arrive well-prepared at our respective missions, be it peacekeeping, military or civilian. This commitment resulted from a recent Spanish-Dutch seminar with troop contributing countries, on the subject of gender in peacekeeping and peace building. One of the conclusions of this seminar was that sustainable peace and reconstruction can only be reached by involving local communities, and supporting active roles for women.

This has implications for the way UN missions are planned, but also for their composition. We need to take responsibility. The Netherlands is committed to supporting such a development through practical contributions, such as training.

Thank you

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