Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States



Statement by Mr. Herman Schaper

Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


DPA Annual Donor Meeting

30 November 2012


Mr. Chairman,

The Netherlands welcomes this third Annual Donor Meeting of the Department of Political Affairs.

We are strong supporters of the impressive work of DPA in implementing its mandate of prevention, managing and resolving conflict. The guidance for effective mediation by the Secretary General was a landmark product in 2012. The work of Mr. Brahimi, Mr. Benomar, Mr. Prodi, and many others will continue in 2013 and some important and possibly difficult elections are also foreseen for the coming year. DPA is essential in all of these processes.

We also have taken note of the discussion on DR Congo and hope that a special UN-envoy for DRC will be appointed as well, and included in this appeal.

We welcome the 2013 update of the DPA Multi-year appeal and applaud DPA for their constant improvements in their planning and reporting. It is important to continue to show results in a structured manner. This is not always easy, but monitoring of outcomes, measuring impacts and identifying lessons learned are essential. We therefore welcome the rigorous results-framework that was developed and the monitoring and evaluation policy. We believe that sufficient capacity is necessary for these important tasks. 

Finally, as we stated at many occasions, we remain concerned that prevention is under-resourced at all levels. It might be less politically appealing, but it is much more effective for saving lives than by sending peacekeepers or taking other measures. The more conflicts are prevented, the more mass atrocities are also prevented.

We call upon the wider membership to continue to support DPA both through the regular budget process as well via extra-budgetary contributions. Regular and predictable funding is crucial. The Netherlands will do its part.

The Netherlands will provide at least US$ 1 mln. unearmarked funding for the 2013 appeal as we did in 2012, and are considering additional support as well.

Thank you.