Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

Peace Building Fund: Netherlands donates EUR 20 mln. to Peacebuilding Fund for 2012-2015

Statement by Ambassador Herman Schaper

Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

at Peacebuilding Fund – Annual High-Level Stakeholder Meeting

29 November 2012


The Netherlands attaches great importance to the Peace Building Fund as it provides crucial support to post-countries to avoid that these countries relapse into conflict.


I am therefore very pleased that today I can announce a new contribution of EUR 20 mln. for the period 2012-2015 in addition to our US$46 mln. that we contributed since 2006. The Netherlands believes that peace building remains a very important subject in the coming years and that the PBF has a central role to play in it.


PBF has some important comparative advantages in the wider system of post-conflict support which becomes more and more crowded. It continuously needs to look into these comparative advantages and adapt to new realities, for example with to new countries, new themes and new partners.


I would like to highlight two issues that are of particular importance to my government:

First, monitoring and evaluation. The Advisory Group, donors and PBF management continue to focus on monitoring and evaluation. Showing results remains very important for constituencies back home, and is essential to showcase that PBF-funding has made a positive impact on peacebuilding on the ground. We are looking forward to the Global Review of PBF and to have a discussion on it during our next Annual Stakeholder meeting.


Second, sustainability and complementarity. We welcome that more and more attention is given to sustainability of PBF-funded activities. The concept of PBF is that it bridges the gap between the end of a violent conflict and longer term development, and is able to fund whatever is needed and makes sense, even if there are risks involved.


We believe that funding from the PBF should cease once other financial resources become available, either other donors, or from the national budget. Crucial peacebuilding projects however cannot just be stopped; to the contrary many need to be scaled up. It therefore is important that this transition is well planned and carefully considered already in a very early stage of PBF-funding, including dialogue with potential partners for possible follow-up and up-scaling.


In this context, we welcome the ongoing discussions between the various multilateral donors, including UNDP and the Worldbank, in the area of peacebuilding to ensure complementarity and coordination. This will result in an improvement of the response of the UN and wider international community to peacebuilding challenges in post-conflict countries.


Madam Chairperson, thank you again for organizing this event and we hope that other donors will follow the Netherlands contribution, so that the target of 100 mln. US$ for PBF annually will be met.


Thank you