Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board meeting 2013, UNDP Segment

Statement by

Mr Peter van der Vliet

Deputy Permanent Representative of

the  Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN

UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board Annual Meeting / UNDP segment

New York, 10 June 2013


 Thank you Mr President and thank you Mrs Clark for your opening statement. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs Clark on her re-appointment this morning.

The Netherlands would like to comment on 4 issues that are of particular interest to us, namely on the draft strategic plan, on the results framework, on increased focus, and on UN system-wide coherence.

First, on the draft strategic plan

UNDP has a very well chosen title for its next strategic plan, as it expresses a spirit for change and new approaches, which we strongly welcome.

We support the general direction of the new strategic plan, its focus on promoting voice and participation, addressing inequalities, building resilience and supporting sustainable human development.

We appreciate the attention for recovery in post-conflict situations and trust that UNDP’s work will be based on its commitment to the Peace and State Building Goals and Transformative Agenda.

We fully support the human rights based approach of the draft strategy plan. In this regard we would appreciate clarification on how UNDP’s work in the context of UNAIDS, especially safeguarding the rights of sexual minorities, will be reflected in the strategic plan.

UNDP’s areas of work are broadly defined and have linkages with other UN organizations, civil society and the private sector. We would welcome more systematic attention in the strategic plan for the coordination and division of labor with other actors.

For example, in the area of sustainable and inclusive productive capacities it would be very useful to have an idea of complementarity with organizations such as the World Bank and UNEP. The same goes for other strategic areas.

The draft strategic plan expresses the intention of UNDP to become leaner and more cost-effective. We fully support this and also welcome the development of a systematic and coherent view on the required UNDP presence at country and regional level in 2014 and beyond.

A final comment on the draft strategic plan: in order to see the relative importance of the areas of work, the integrated budget and resource plan will be the proof of the pudding. We look forward to receiving a draft as soon as possible.

Secondly, on the results framework

We appreciate the generally consistent approach towards impact, outcomes and outputs in the results framework.

We expect that reporting on progress will require considerable efforts and suggest to take a balanced approach that doesn't overly burden the organization. We would also like to emphasize that an analytical narrative, on UNDP's contributions to change processes at corporate level, is instrumental to explain UNDP's achievements

Furthermore, we would be interested to know whether UNDP in progress reporting expects to be able to cover 100 % of its activities and expenditures ?

We welcome the attention for results-based management and would be interested to hear what measures UNDP will take to strengthen a culture of results-based management in the organization.

Thirdly, on increased focus

The Netherlands welcomes the reduction of the number of outcome areas in the new strategic plan and the steps that have been taken to focus country office programs. The cumulative review shows progress in the reduction of outcomes of country programs and increased alignment with corporate outcomes.

UNDP's program delivery depends largely on non-core contributions. The evaluation of UNDP’s strategic plan 2008-2013 rightly mentions that UNDP's funding model presents challenges for sustainability and focus of country programs. We appreciate efforts for improvement so far and urge UNDP to further develop measures that avoid fragmentation in-country and strengthen sustainability and scalability of projects.

Fourth, on UN system-wide coherence

We are pleased to see UNDP’s commitment to Delivering as One reflected in full compliance with the Management and Accountability System.

We welcome the follow-up actions of the QCPR, in particular the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the establishment of the new funding methodology for the resident coordinator system.

For the Netherlands, Delivering as One is the best way to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the UN and we are interested to hear how the Standard Operating Procedures and the Proposed Plan of Action for Headquarters will be implemented.

We look forward to the additional indicators on UN Coordination of the UN Development System for the Results Framework of the strategic plan, that will be prepared once there is agreement within UNDG.

In conclusion I would like to express our appreciation for the dialogues and opportunities to provide feedback on the draft strategic plan over the last months and in the months ahead and look forward to the complete set of draft Theories of Change that underpin UNDP’s approach, guide the results framework and provide a basis for future narrative reports.

Thank you.