Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

Women: UN Women Executive Board Second Regular Session; Agenda item 4 – Evaluation


Mrs. Marianne Peters

Senior policy advisor of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

to the United Nations


Agenda item 4 – Evaluation

UNWOMEN Executive Board Second Regular Session

NEW YORK, 17 September 2013


Mr President, Madam Executive Director

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of Belgium, Canada, Finland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and my own country the Netherlands.

Thank you Mrs. Inga Sniukaite for your presentations of the Evaluation of the Contribution of UN Women to Prevent Violence Against Women and Expand Access to Services and to Mr. John Hendra for UN Women’s management response.

We particularly welcome the opportunity to openly discuss these documents and UN

Women’s work in this area, which will remain one of UN Women’s priorities for the next years.

Violence affects the lives of millions of women and girls worldwide and in all social economic classes. It cuts across cultural and religious barriers, impeding the ability of women and girls to participate on an equal footing in society. Unfortunately, women and girls around the world continue to face violence every day, and throughout their lives.

Our countries find UN Women's work in this area important and support it.

Allow me to highlight some issues that are of particular importance to us.

  • The report mentions the important contributions of UN Women and its predecessor in enhancing the normative frameworks, assisting governments in targeting Violence Against Women, expand access to services and increasing awareness of public supportfor elimination of Violence Against Women .
  • The report also mentions that UN women's mandate for coordination and promoting accountability in the area of Violence Against Women needs further clarification. We find this an important issue and encourage UN Women to continue to clarify its focus and to strengthen its profile, in line with the new strategic plan.
  • In our view the recommendation to focus and strategise country level activities deservesattention. It is important that UN Women maximize the benefits of its limited resources and work with partners within and outside of the UN system to leverage resources and impact. Such efforts would not only contribute to effectiveness of its efforts but at the same time enhance its coordination mandate at the field level.
  • We encourage UN Women, in their role as Coordinator for the UNiTE campaign, to look at mechanisms for developing a robust division of labor between the various UN partners working to address violence against women.
  • To that end, we would also encourage UN Women to look strategically at the UN Trust Fund to Eliminate Violence Against Women and how it can be used to maximum impact.
  • We would like to encourage UN Women to strengthen its work on prevention of Violence Against Women, i.e. addressing the root causes of gender inequality. In our view this includes changing norms, attitudes and behaviors, working with men and boys as well as addressing the links between prevention of VAW and women’s economic empowerment, women’s participation and sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  • We strongly support the development of an EVAW- strategy for both internal and external use. It will help bring focus to UN Women’s efforts in this area, clarify its mandate and guide approaches in the field. This strategy would also be useful in further clarifying how UN Women’s work related to the UNiTE campaign, and its work related to the Trust Fund, are integrated with, and inform, the rest of their efforts to prevent and respond to violence against women.
  • Finally we support the recommendation to strengthen results based management practices, including results monitoring and reporting, evaluation, and knowledge management. We commend UN Women with the progress achieved in these areas, like the results based, annual, country level work plans. We encourage UN Women to continue building the capacity of its staff for implementing this results based management approach.

Thank you.