Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

Women: UNWOMEN Executive Board Second Regular Session; Agenda item 3 – Integrated Budget


Mrs Marianne Peters

Senior policy advisor of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

to the United Nations


Agenda item 3 – Integrated Budget

UNWOMEN Executive Board Second Regular Session

NEW YORK, 17 September 2013

Thank you Mrs Mlwambo Ngcuka and Mrs Giovanie Biha for the presentation of UN Women's integrated budget estimates for the biennium 2014-2015.

I am delivering this statement on behalf of Austria, Canada, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and my own country the Netherlands.

I would like to comment on a few issues that are of particular importance to us.

We commend UN Women for presenting the integrated budgets on the basis of the harmonised results based budgeting and cost classification methodology, as applied by other UN funds and programs. We find the documentation informative and appreciate its link with
the strategic plan and the results framework.

UN Coordination
We support UN Women’s role in UN coordination and in fostering accountability within the UN for gender and empowerment of women. We appreciate that UN Womens’s assistance is called for by other agencies to support reporting and implementing eventual remedial plans in
this initial stage of implementation of the SectorWide Action Plan. We would however expect that other UN agencies will strengthen their capacities in this aree, as part of their efforts to mainstream gender into their activities.

Resource mobilisation
We appreciate UN Women’s awareness of the difficult financial environment and the reflection of a prudent approach in the budget. We support UN women's intention, should resources fall significantly short of its resource mobilisation targets, to ensure that programmatic support to developing countries is prioritised. We also support the measures presented to mitigate the impact of such a shortfall. We note the proposed strengthening for output cluster four ‘ leveraging and managing resources ‘ and encourage UN Women to develop its resource mobilisation strategy and to extend and broaden its resource base.

In this regard it is encouraging that UN women has successfully raised other resources at country level and is on track to meet its targets for 2013 for this category of resources.

Institutional effectiveness and efficiency
We support the decentralisation process of UN Women and are pleased to see the strong progress in improving business processes, operations management, transparency and accountability. We also support the implementation of the new cost recovery methodology
and, in this context, the review of centrally managed costs. We are pleased see that UN women intends to consistently apply this methodology by including all direct costs arising from the use of other resources in the corresponding project budgets.

We are pleased to see that UN Women recognizes the importance of audit and evaluation and we encourage UN Women to allocate sufficient resources to these areas of work. In this regard, we find it important that the budget includes clear and separate budget lines for these
two important oversight functions.

Finally, we look forward to further clarifications on the outcome of the functional analysis the outcome of the functional analysis to this Board at the first regular session 2014.

Thank you.