Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

Annual Session of UNDP Executive Board - Agenda Item 2: Annual Report of the Administrator

Statement by the Netherlands Annual Session of UNDP Executive Board (Geneva) Agenda Item 2: Annual Report of the Administrator

Mr President,

Thank you and thank you Ms. Clark for your opening statement.

The Netherlands would like to comment in a national capacity on three subjects: annual report, UNDP’s structural change process and the post 2015 development agenda.

1. Annual report

The Netherlands welcomes the progress achieved in three substantive areas of work. We particularly appreciate the systematic attention for gender in the report and progress achieved in inclusive and effective democratic governance as well as resilience building and the work done in fragile states. For the Netherlands these are areas where we see clear added value of UNDP.

We are also pleased to see a high level, 99.5%, of alignment of UNDP’s programmes and projects to the focus areas of the strategic plan.

Effective cooperation requires adjustment of approaches to specific circumstances. The report mentions good examples of UNDP’s diversified approach towards justice, security and rule of law, which we appreciate.

Public access to information of the UN agencies is important for transparency, accountability andvisibility and fosters public support. We therefore comment UNDP with its efforts to adhere to IATI and with its increased ranking among multilateral organisations in the “Publish what you fund” Aid Transparency Index.

The Netherlands believes that strengthened harmonisation and cooperation is a basic precondition for the UN to deliver effective and relevant responses in the future. In this context we appreciate the progress in the area of coordination of the United Nations development system as well as inQCPR implementation, as reflected in the report.

We appreciate UNDP's continued efforts to improve progress reporting and to connect the results of the previous Strategic Plan to the new one. In particular, this year’s presentation of an overview of progress against national outcome indicators in country programme documents is an interesting way of presenting UNDP's results on the ground and might also be used for communicating results to a broader public.

On the other hand, as this a unique way of presenting progress on a selected number of sectors,it does not allow easy comparison with other years.We hope that the utilisation of the new Integrated Results and Resources Framework (IRRF) willfacilitate consistent assessment of progress between years and of results against resources used.

We will provide some further comments on the IRRF through a joint statement later today.

2. Structural change

UNDP is engaged in a major organisational change process and we appreciate the information provided on the process. We hope the reform will achievegreater operational efficiencies, more effective support to country offices and wish that through this reform also a larger share of funds will become available for programme activities.

We look forward to continued information sharing on its implementation and trust that the reform process willbe carried out in a transparant manner, whileadhering to UNDP's rules and legal framework.

3. Post 2015 development agenda

The world will soon be setting its post-2015 development agenda and UNDP as well as the UN Development System as a whole should prepare to be fit for purpose.

Global challenges can only be tackled if all partners work together, on the basis of their strengths, knowledge, experience and legitimacy.

In our view it is important that the UN develops multi stakeholder partnerships including governments, the private sector, civil society andacademia. The annual report mentions some interesting and innovative partnerships that illustrate the potential and results of engagement with different stakeholders.

These examples show that UNDP is well-placed to forge synergies between different partners and we encourage UNDP to build maximally on this comparative advantage.

To conclude, the Netherlands values UNDP as an important development partner and looks forward to a constructive cooperation in the coming years.

Thank you.