Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

UNSG's 2014 Pledging Conference for Development Activities

New York, 10 November 2014

STATEMENT BY Peter van der Vliet, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations, UNSG's 2014 Pledging Conference for Development Activities.

Mr. Chairman,

I would like to begin by expressing the Netherlands' deep appreciation for the invaluable development work carried out by the United Nations.

The Netherlands has always been a partner for development, and will continue to be one for the long term, as we proceed towards the post-2015 development goals.

The world needs a UN that can achieve goals effectively and efficiently. A UN that is fit for purpose. 

Cooperation is key in this regard. Cooperation, not only across the range of UN organizations and agencies, but also with other stakeholders and partners, including civil society and the private sector. It takes cooperation and coherent action to deliver effective development outcomes.

Mr. Chairman,

The Netherlands announces its specific contributions to the various individual UN Development agencies after a thorough consideration of, inter alia, their mandates and strategic plans, their and our own priorities, and their track record for effective delivery. We subsequently inform our UN development partners of our funding decisions. I will provide the Secretary with a list of the amounts for 2015.

For the purpose of this Pledging Conference for Development Activities, I would like to limit myself to a few general remarks demonstrating our continued commitment to the UN's development activities.

The Netherlands stands ready to contribute a total of approximately 240 million US dollars in general voluntary contributions to UNICEF, UNDP, UN-WOMEN, UNEP, FAO, WFP, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNHCR and UNRWA. Additionally, the Netherlands will contribute substantial non-core funding to these agencies.

Mr. Chairman,

We live in a turbulent world, with many crises around the world. Take Ebola, or the fact that we now have the greatest number of refugees since World War II.

Therefore, the Netherlands has decided to increase its humanitarian budget by creating a Relief Fund of approximately 750 million US dollars for the period 2014-2017. This is on top of our existing humanitarian budget of 350 million US dollars. 

The new Dutch Relief Fund will increase the contribution of the Netherlands to CERF and will contribute directly to the humanitarian work of UN agencies such as UNICEF, and to the Red Crescent movement as well as to international NGOs. 

Mr. Chairman,

These contributions demonstrate that the UN development and humanitarian system continues to be an imporant development partner of choice for the Netherlands.

Thank you Mr. Chairman