Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN, United States

Financing for Development Intersessional Meeting

Statement by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 12 May 2015

I align myself with the statement of the EU and would like to add the following comments in my national capacity.

First of all, we would like to express our appreciation for the revised draft, and for all the hard work that has gone into it.

As you know, we have been advocating for Addis being the Implementation pillar of the SDG-agenda.

Therefore, when we consider the draft put to us by the co-facilitators, our most important yardstick is: can this text, and the measures and actions in it, help us achieve the sustainable development goals?

This is the lense through which we view this draft. For us, this is the most important criterion. We apply this criterion to the text as a whole, as well as to its individual paragraphs. Our approach is non-ideological and results-oriented.

In this regard, we believe we should aim to be as concrete as possible. If we are serious about achieving the goals, it helps if we manage to be clear about how we aim to do that, so we can start implementation from the get go.
We do not care for hollow phrases that don't deliver. We do not care for hot air language, (unless it can lift us up). What we need is maximum clarity about the things we undertake to do to deliver on the goals.

That being said, we realize that, in a constantly changing world, we cannot write the definitive implementation manual for the next 15 years. But we can define the path forward, the policies and resources needed to get us going reaching the ambitions we set.

Your document provides a good basis. I would compare it to a Macedonian fruit salad. It is rich and nutritious. Therse is a lot in it, even though not everyone might like every piece of fruit.

It addresses existing means, policies and actions that are already effective and need to be continued.

It also contains Means of implementation that can be further improved upon, better implemented or scaled up.

And it contains a number of new initiatives that can help move the SDG-agenda forward in a big way.

The task before us is to optimize this mix of MoI, so that we can achieve maximum impact, maximum result, at all levels.

This is how we will approach this text and its paragraphs. Constructively, non-ideologically, based on the principle of universality, seeking the broadest support, balanced, and always with an eye on what works best for achieving the SDGs.